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News Writing Samples

I’ve put together a carefully curated selection of some pieces that showcase my writing skills. Read through the samples below and feel free to reach out to learn more about me.


The Revival of Local Theater

This piece highlights the efforts of a local theater director, whose passion for the stage is evident by the love he pours into his shows. The theater community in Waco is looking to attract a wider audience and anyone who wishes to participate in whatever way they can.

Books Matter to the Mayor

Civic leaders, they're just like us. Dillon Meek, the current mayor of Waco, discusses A Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, a book he was inspired by. A story of hope and courage, Meek speaks on how he hopes to be able to impact Waco in a similar way.

Fostering a Love of Reading in Waco

This piece features the co-founders of Waco's affiliate branch of Imagination Library. Kevin and Noelle Baker hope to increase the literacy of local children by helping them to build a little library of their own.

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